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Harry Potter Porn Story: "Harry Potter and The Bloodline of Lust – Chapter 1"

Harry potter and the bloodline of lust is written by O Jordinio O on fanfiction.net

Harry Potter was a very interesting eleven year old boy. At only one and a half years of age he was the vanquisher of the most powerful Dark Lord in history, the cost of such fame was that his Mother and Father died fending off said Dark Lord before Harry killed him using methods nobody could figure out.

With the death of his parents, the secret keeper Peter Pettigrew was captured by a family friend, Remus Lupin, and sentenced to life in Azkaban. Because of a few well placed words Remus even managed to improve the living conditions of werewolves all across Britain, as he made sure everyone knew he was only able to catch the heinous criminal due to his enhanced senses.

Custody of Harry went to his Godfather, or Dogfather, depending on who you asked, Sirius Black. And while a great man, he was not the best role model for Harry to take after. Then again, he wasn’t the worst either, like Lily’s Muggle sister for example. At a young age, thanks to his Godfather, Harry became obsessed with the female body just as much as Sirius himself was.

Growing up, Harry was using magic willingly by the time he reached four, and with the new minister, Cornelius Fudge, wanting to be in Harry’s good books through any means necessary, gave him an official pardon enabling him to use magic with a wand to learn to defend himself from his enemies. So by the time he reached five his Godfather had begun teaching him every defensive and offensive spell he knew. Dark or Light mattered very little to the Black, his heritage effecting him more then even he knew. It didn’t matter as long as Harry could protect himself. Of course he wouldn’t have been Sirius if he hadn’t taught Harry everything he knew about pranking and women. Although Harry took more after his mother and gained her temper when provoked as opposed to his father’s knack f Continue reading

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